Hand Saw Information & Guide

The hand saw is the tool to be used when you want to saw through wood with more precision and accuracy than you can get by using a power tool like chain saw. They are light weight and easy to carry with you, so it's easy to have one on hand whenever you need to cut through some wood. Despite the fact that the hand saw is a simple tool, compared to other power tools, it still has a lot of different types. There are also a lot of different brands and models of hand saws, so finding the best hand saw is not always an easy task. The best hand saw must be considered an investment. So it's a good idea to pay a little more for a good quality piece of equipment that will last you a long time before it breaks. Make sure the blade is made from high carbon steel so that the teeth stay sharp, as there's nothing worse than trying to cut through wood with a blunt saw. It should also still have some flex in the blade so that it isn't too brittle. Ultimately finding the right hand saw for you comes down to weighing up your budget vs your quality requirements. If you're a professional like a builder, then it makes more sense to spend more on the best hand saw that can last you a lifetime. Before you go ahead and buy yourself a new handsaw let's take a closer look at some of the different types.


The razor saw is basically a saw that has a lot of small teeth on the blade. It has an unusual handle design, with a handle that sticks straight out the back of the blade. It's not really the right hand saw if you're a carpenter, or a builder - but if you're into building models and intricate wood work then it might be for you.

The Hack saw is a type of hand saw that can cut through various different types of materials from metal to wood and more. The blade on the hacksaw is easily replaceable, so it's great in that whenever the blade gets blunt you don't need to buy a whole new saw. This type of saw is basically just a handle with a blade suspended between each end of it. Very similar to the coping saw, but slightly larger.

Plain old manual saws, commonly known as the "Hand Saw" are the most versatile and yet the most basic type of hand saw. These are the type of saw that your average guy probably owns. There uses are so numerous that we couldn't possibly list them all. But some of the most common uses are for builders, cutting wooden planks and beams, creating wooden decks and removing branches from trees. As you can see - they're a tool with a lot of uses, so even if you're not a builder, it's a good idea to have one of these in your garage just in case.

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